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This is my graduation film from University of Glamorgan.


A Civilian science vessel discovers an organic life form on an uncharted planet and decides to investigate the mysterious creature. Excited by the discovery, the team fails to realise the deadly potential of such a creature

Written, Directed and Animated by Tom Lucas


Music by Alistair Pilgrim


Vocals by Tor C. Eckel

Festival Awards:

Stuttgart International Film Festival 2012 - "Cartoons for Teens Award"

Ffresh 2012 - "Best Short Short"

Glammies 2011 - "Best 2D film" & "Best 3rd Year" 


Festival Nominations:

Animpact 2012

Madimation 2012

Rushes Short Film Festival 2012

Bristol Encounters Festival 2011 - "Best of British Award"

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